Heroes of the Banner – 2015 Review

Heroes of the banner is a RPG online game produced by r2games released in open beta on facebook.

Heroes of the banner is the company’s first step into the tower defense genre of games and it challanges people to defend their kingdom from evil monsters.

Instead of the boring old tower defense games, Heroes of the banner challanges players to upgrade their existing turrets as they defeat multiple waves on each map.

In heroes of the banner, players complete levels by killing enemies. Each tower can be built at certain place across the map, new places beeing unlocked as the player evolves new levels.

By leveling up, each player can choose which tower to upgrade and how.

In a more in depth way, each tower is controlled by a single hero, so, the hero’s type is determining the type of constructed tower. For example, a sorceress can be used to build up a spell tower. Even if it starts as a freeze tower, it can be upgraded to shoot fireballs at enemies, among other upgrades.

In Heroes of the Banner, players also receive coins as they defeat enemies and complete battles quests. These coins can be spent on upgrading each hero’s attack power. Upgrading heroe’s attack power, translates into much more powerfull towers.

Over time, players can craft their own equipment or they can collect euqipment items over time. Since the crafting of an item can be really expensive, there are several places on the internet which claim that they found a cheat for Heroes of the Banner.

Players must spend energy to access battles. Even though energy recharges automatically over time, certain hacks for Heroes of the Banner provide side ways to get it.


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